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Saffron May Spice Up Your Mood and Cool Your Appetite

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is a spice that has been cultivated for over 3,500 years for cooking, fragrance, dying cloth, and medicinal purposes.1 While saffron is a native plant of Southeast Asia, it was first cultivated by the Greeks.  Recently, there has been a flurry of research that has validated its potential to lower the risk of several conditions, including compulsive eating and depression.
While researchers are still trying to discern the mechanisms of actions at play, they believe that saffron is able to increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is associated with a positive outlook and satiety.  There have been a number of small placebo-controlled clinical studies on patients with depression that have reported saffron to have equaled to or better results than SSRI medications.According to a small randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of 60 moderately overweight women, those that took a saffron extract daily for eight (8) weeks had a reduction in snacking by 55% in comparison to the placebo group which realized a 28% decrease by the end of the study.
Beyond Biology has heard promising patient anecdotal feedback on the use of saffron as well. That coupled with the breadth of clinical studies, we are proud to introduce our Purely Saffron

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Not Sure You Want to Give Up the Carbs? White Kidney Bean May be the Answer!

White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) is a strange ingredient that is now commonly used in supplements for weight loss. Weight loss supplements that contain this ingredient act as a carbohydrate or starch blocker. They help block alpha-amylase enzymes, the enzymes that digest the starches into more simple sugars from breaking down the starches or carbohydrates when we eat them so they cannot all be absorbed.  According to studies this can promote faster weight loss by blocking starch absorption by up to 66%. They happen to be found in foods such as potatoes, bread, pasta, and rice which all have shown to cause quick weight gain.Of course avoiding the starches we know are bad is a better solution, but none of us are perfect and there are always temptations.

White kidney bean supplements are highly beneficial when it comes to weight loss, but more than that, they can also help promote the lowering of triglycerides, decreased incidence of coronary artery disease, degenerative arthritis, and diabetes. The reason for this is that it has great capabilities to inhibit the human body’s digestion of highly complex carbohydrates which ultimately all turn into sugar.

The problem with eating too many starches or carbohydrates is that they immediately start breaking down to sugar. They go into the bloodstream and raise blood sugar levels and eventually become stored as fat. If there are not sugars or Triglycerides to burn as fuel the body needs to use your fat as fuel. This brings your body into fat burning mode and we all love to burn the excess fat on our bodies. Stored fat or your “problem areas” are a much better source of fuel “figure wise” but sugar is much less work for the body. We need to lower the sugar to push the body to burn the storage fat and we lose the roundness.

So if you cannot bear to give up your favorite starchy foods or you go out and lose control of what exactly you are eating, white kidney bean extract should be your best friend that you happen to carry around with you! If you have any questions or you are looking for high quality product call us at 1-888-908-0804. We offer free support for our customers.


West African Mango (Irvingia)

How to Lose Over 12 Pounds in 28 Days….
African Mango has long been a staple of the Cameroon rain-forest tribes diet. It was the remarkable health and lean physiques of these people that brought the African Mango to the attention of the scientific community. The results of the studies performed on the extract showed that it was one of the most effective ways to rapidly induce weight loss. African Mango received even wider attention when its fat loss benefits were reported on the highly regarded Dr Oz television show. We will explain how African Mango works and why it is so effective for weight loss.

When we eat a meal at some point the body produces the hormone Leptin. Leptin tells that brain that we have had enough to eat and that we are full. Unfortunately when we consistently over eat the body is flooded with Leptin and becomes resistant. C-reactive protein binds to the Leptin hormone and stop it from performing its role in appetite suppression. Leptin resistance is a real issue.

Leptin no longer performs the important function of telling the brain that we are sated and should stop eating. This is why it is so difficult for people who are overweight or obese to lose weight. They no longer experience the feeling of being sated and so will invariably eat more food than their body needs for its daily functions.

African Mango is the only known supplement which actually breaks down the C-reactive protein. Once the amount of C-Reactive protein in the body is normalized then Leptin can resume its role in appetite suppression. People who have normal Leptin levels stop overeating simply because they feel full after eating a normal amount of food.

The weight loss benefits of taking African Mango are well supported by numerous clinical studies. In a 2009 study presented in the Lipids in Health and Disease Journal it was shown that participants who took the African Mango extract twice a day over a period of 10 weeks were able to lose 6% of their body fat. In another study conducted by scientists at the University of Yaoude  looked at both men and women and the participants lost an average of 12.3 pounds and reduced their waist measurements by 2 inches in a 28 day period. Sounds like a strong benefit without side effects.

If you are either experiencing some extra pounds or you are obese it is important to understand that your body is experiencing a hormonal imbalance. By supporting your body’s natural appetite suppression process you can quickly start to lose weight. African Mango is the only verified supplement that helps to restore this natural hormonal balance and allows you to feel sated once again. Get your control back today! Ask us we will help 888-908-0804!

The Benefits of Purified Omega-3 Fish Oil- Part II

The importance of highly concentrated purified Omega-3 for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

The advantages of taking omega 3 during pregnancy are numerous with important effects being noted in the health of both the mother and the developing child. Omega-3 supplementation has been shown to reduce the risk of asthma in children, pre-term labor and pre-eclampsia and there are also suggestions that these oils can have a positive effect on fetal growth and birth weight. Ensuring that these fish oils are pure is important during pregnancy because it reduces the risk of dangerous chemicals being passed on to the fetus. A high concentration of EPA and DHA is also vital; the higher the DHA content the better the chance that the child will develop a greater attention span and other cognitive skills; however, it is difficult for the fetus to absorb adequate levels if it is sharing a low concentration with its non-supplementing mother.

Increased levels of DHA and EPA can have a number of additional health benefits.

Interestingly omega –6 and omega-3 could not be more different, while one of the potential problems of over-consumption of Omega-6 are inflammation issues, Omega-3 has been shown to reduce inflammation.  As a result omega-3 fish oil has a lot of potential in supporting those with inflammatory diseases such as asthma and joint problems like arthritis. There is also clinical evidence of a link between Omega-6 over-consumption linked to heart problems and chronic cardiovascular disease issues and the opposite studies indicating a positive connection between Omega-3 and cardiovascular health benefits. This means that high-concentration EPA and DHA omega-3 could be a useful dietary aid for preventing the chance of strokes, heart attacks and arrhythmias.

Another vital benefit of this oil is its effect on brain function and cognitive skills. This area is not limited to fetal development because there is evidence to suggest that DHA could useful in slowing the development of Alzheimer’s, improving memory and reducing the symptoms of ADHD. Depression is another area being researched, with Omega-3 being touted as a potential mood support, and there are signs that it could be useful in supporting individuals with bi-polar disorder and post-natal depression.

In short, there are so many reasons to add Omega-3 to your diet and improve your omega6-omega-3 ratio.   Heart friendly Omega-3 has the potential to help a wide range of people, from children, teenagers, pregnant women, and the aging brain by increasing cognitive function, decreasing inflammation and supporting mood and concentration.  Your potential is best achieved when the Omega-3 oils are rich in EPA and DHA and free from all impurities by molecular distillation. For those of you that loved the benefits but gave up your fish oil because of “fish burps” there is Enteric Coated Omega-3 Fish Oil which will allow it to bypass stomach and breakdown in the small intestine so no digestive distress.

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Why is Purified, Highly Concentrated, Omega-3 Fish Oil Such a Great Addition to Everyone’s Diet?

There has been is much debate over the years about the true benefits of the Omega Oils.  The possible dangers of Omega-6 have led to increased recommendation for Omega-3 supplementation and dietary changes to improve the 3:6 ratio in your body.  Recent research suggests that Omega-6 may have detrimental effects on heart health and inflammation, and people are now being urged to be more careful with their omega 3: omega 6 ratio.  Adding more purified, highly concentrated Omega-3 fish oil to their daily supplement protocol will greatly benefit the majority of the population by decreasing chronic disease risk. Why this particular form is so advantageous? What do I look for? What health benefits can it provide?

It is so important that Omega-3 is highly concentrated and clean or molecularly distilled. Most health-care professionals will agree that the best form of fish oil supplement is one that is enriched with a high concentration of fatty acids (DHA/EPA) and has been molecularly distilled. There are two vital fatty acids in Omega-3 – DHA and EPA – and the higher the concentration the more beneficial the product will be, clinical studies have shown those taking omega-3 with the highest EA and DHA levels to have better triglyceride levels, higher HDL (good cholesterol) and the lowest levels of inflammation. The highest concentration of each component will therefore increase their overall health potential.

Molecular distillation is important for ensuring that oils are as pure as possible. In their natural state, these fish oils contain other molecules and components than just EPA and DHA; there is the chance of mercury, other metallic impurities, pollutants from the sea and saturated fats. We do not want to take omega-3 oils that are not distilled and end up causing damage by the toxins and impurities, therefore negating those positive health effects.  Distilling and purifying the oils means that these unwanted substances can be removed, the high-concentration omega-3 oils can remain and the produce becomes much safer for consumption. This safety is vital for many users but especially so for pregnant women.


For more info stay tuned for the many benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil in Part II of this article.