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How Sugar in Your Diet Can Age You

thumb-skinI know what you are thinking….Preaching again Dr. Gail …..I hear you all…lol

I know you all know that eating too much sugar can make your middle grow….can add weight to your frame and can be associated with heart disease. But do you know that excess sugar in the blood or spikes of sugar can age you? Skin, organs, muscles and your brain are severely affected by glycation. Glycation is the damage or reaction of your proteins in the presence of sugar in the blood. This burst of sugar cause a burst of insulin and inflammation flows throughout your body.

Unfortunately there is more bad news to those of us who are vain….skin needs its protein to look smooth and healthy. If the sugar attaches to our collagen (glycation) the inflammation affects the cross linking and makes the collagen inflexible and stiff and we look dry brittle and older.

Not ready to give up your pasta or whole grain bread, or even your fruit salad? What can help protect our skin?

Nutrients that have been shown in the studies to decrease the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream or support the skin:

Irvingia Gabonesis

Studies have shown that Irvingia has had multimodal effects on glucose control.

White Kidney Bean or Phaseolus Vulgaris

Phaseolus Vulgaris been shown to be a powerful blocker of alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase from the pancreas breaks down the complex sugars so we can digest them easier. (We want to slow this process down to avoid that harmful glycation.)

Plant Ceramides

Phytoceramides directly support and moisturize the Stratum Corneum in aging skin from the inside.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen helps maintain our aging body with the raw material to supplement the collagen so it supports the structure of the connective tissue in the skin and the cushion around our bones and joints


Matrixyl stimulates the matrix layers in the skin — primarily collagen and fibronectin providing external support.

Edelweiss Stem Cells

Edelweiss Stem Cells to inhibit the enzymes that break down collagen and hyaluronic acid strengthening the structure of the skin.


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