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If you are over 40, do you need Testosterone?

I know what you are thinking, my father did not need testosterone….why do I?  Well there are lots of important health reasons. Bioidentical testosterone improves muscle strength and mass, helps bone, strengthens the heart, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, raises good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and has positive effects on your tissue oxygenation and libido.

So why the negative fuss then? Well some “Medical Experts” do not distinguish the difference between bioidentical hormones and potential dangerous patentable synthetic ones.

The International Journal of Andrology in 2002 published a study that included 207 men, ages 40-83 that had low to low normal testosterone levels. They looked at prostate volume, PSA, lower urinary tract symptoms (urgency, dribbling frequency, etc) and measured DHT, Estradiol, and LH.  187 of the 207 men responded favorably to the testosterone treatment. They showed decrease in PSA and LH, decrease in prostate size and less urinary symptoms.

According to the studies testosterone has also been shown to sharpen your brain, enhance cognitive function, and improve your verbal memory.

So the question is … you wait for the Doctor to tell you it is OK to protect your brain, heart, blood vessels, bones and muscles and libido?

If the answer to that question is a resounding NO then you need to find an experienced physician that is knowledgeable and experienced with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. It does make a difference!

Testosterone Safety

You need to have baseline blood testing for your hormones and your PSA before you start. You need to use hormones that are identical to the hormones produced in your own body or bioidentical hormones. You need to recheck your hormones and PSA in 2-3 months after starting your hormone treatment.

If there are changes then the testosterone should be stopped, a urologist should be consulted, testosterone may not cause cancer but may change the growth rate of a pre-existing cancer that was not detected.

Keeping the Hormone Levels Perfect

Testosterone may convert to estrogen so all men need to watch that this conversion is not accelerated. Too much estrogen is never good for men and should not be ignored. Testing for DHT, PSA, Free Testosterone, Total Testosterone, Estrogen and sometimes even Progesterone is so important for that perfect balance we are striving for at Beyond-Biology.


If you would like more information about Testosterone and its benefits for aging Men and Women call us at 561-839-9420 anytime we would be glad to help.


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