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To our individual Health Councils at Beyond – Biology,

How do we thank you for giving back our health, vitality and overall our lives?

Your team is a dying breed… of old school, care about your customers, top notch, unimaginable customer care.  Thank you for providing , both of us, with the most support staff who is always there when we need them.

Our friends can’t believe we actually text doctors (on their cell phones!!!) and who-if the answer is too long in a text-actually just call us right then on our cell to answer our questions.  A staff who continue to help us every step of the way to achieving(and yes we both did!!!) our weight-loss goal, but more importantly are still involved – making sureand helping us to keep our weight off (the hardest part!!!)  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed and feel we are in great hands!!!  Vinny is off of his insulin and keeping his 80 pounds off !!! and I am off my cholesterol medication and have kept my 50 pounds off as well !!!  And we both feel like we are teenagers again on hormones.

Our children, grandchildren, siblings and friends have also become members as well !!!  For health questions ranging from depression to fertility and everything in between.
There is nothing more important to us than our family and we encourage all the ones we love to call you and seek you out, and when they do, they are as blown away or as overwhelmed as we continue to be.

Thank you for caring,

– Maddy and Vinny
New York, New York

Dr Stacey, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to conference with me and help make sense of the numbers. I take it all very seriously, and I really appreciate your help.

As an expression of my thanks, I have attached a copy of my new book, Essential Anti-aging. I think you will enjoy reading it, especially since it introduces  readers in a very positive way. I’ll send you a link to my website as soon as it is finished. I’ll get back to you after my next blood work.

– Mike

Hi Dr. Stacey!

At 9 AM today, I saw Dr. C. She did a Sonogram test of my thyroid. It is very small, she said. She decreased the amount of Armour Thyroid from 120 mg to 90 mg. She said too much of it would affect my adrenal gland. She agrees with you that I have Hashimoto’s disease. I am to return for lab work on August 13th, after which I will see her again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Stacey ! I am very grateful to you for advising me to see an endocrinologist. It surely was the right thing for me to do!

I will get back to you, after my visit with Dr. C on August 13th.

– Jody

Dr Gail,

I am very grateful hearing back from you so promptly. The only prescription that i take is 1 & 1/4 mg Finasteride each morning.

With you involved i am already at peace.
Thank you so much !


Dr. Stacey has been a lifeline of sorts for me. I signed- up to have a blood test done and my blood sugar levels were higher than they should be. I called to speak with a health educator and Dr. Stacey took my call. I was so afraid that I had diabetes.

She calmed me down and helped me understand that although I probably did need to work on the blood sugar issue there were other things about my health that were good. She really helped me see the bigger picture and not get too overwhelmed by this one thing [needed to work on. She explained to me that by making some changes to my diet , and stacking a few supplements, we could probably get the number down to with in the normal range . What a difference it made…. I felt supported, encouraged, and understood by her. I plan to have my blood sugar tested because of her!

– Linda

First time in years someone truly listened to my issues, offered a plan to find underling causes and referred me to an MD. The staff at Beyond Biology is extremely dedicated to their work.

– Dianne

Not only was Dr. Nottingham very knowledgeable, she was an excellent listener and also able to walk the phone through the basics of the science behind her suggestions.

She was very clear concerning being followed by one’s own physician, yet also offered the appropriate questions to ask of one’s physician.

Thank you Dr. Nottingham!

– M. K


Not sure what we would do without you folks at Beyond Biology, coming to our store and doing those educational and entertaining lectures was wonderful. You are both an amazing blessing and we are glad to have met you!

Samuel -Health Answer


Dr Gail and Dr Stacey,

I have lost so much weight …..I am down to my birth weight! lol It was easy, thank you both!



Thank you both for coming to our shop and talking about weight loss and libido. Our customers loved it! Please come back again soon!


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