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Cholesterol Control

Emerging research into under-appreciated aspects of cholesterol biochemistry has revealed that just measuring the levels of cholesterol account for only a portion of the cardiovascular risk. The properties of the molecules responsible for transporting cholesterol through the blood, called lipoproteins, offer important insights into the development of atherosclerosis and therefore cardiovascular risk.

The size and density of lipoproteins are the most important factors for cardiovascular risk. The large, buoyant LDL (“bad cholesterol”) particles are much less dangerous than small, dense LDL particles. Large buoyant HDL (“good cholesterol”) particles are greater vascular protection than smaller dense HDL. So size does matter!

Beyond Biology has developed advanced lipid testing strategies that take into account the importance of lipoprotein particle size such as the Vertical Auto Profile (VAP) or NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) tests. This allows a far deeper assessment of cardiovascular risk than a conventional lipid profile utilized by most traditional medical practitioners.

Scientifically supported natural supplement interventions can target the formation of these deadly modified lipoproteins and help avoid cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

The pharmaceutical industry has been promoting cholesterol reduction with statin drugs very successfully as their essential strategy for reducing cardiovascular risk. Although the use of statins has saved lives, Beyond-Biology has l recognized that optimal cardiovascular protection involves a multifactorial strategy that includes many different facets of lifestyle and health changes.

Beyond-Biology believes that innovative strategies for decreasing cardiovascular risk should start with cholesterol and lipoprotein testing, and strategic nutrient and pharmaceutical intervention if needed, for optimal health effects and vascular support. Call us today at 888.908.0804 and ask for our advanced cardiovascular screening to find out exactly where you stand. Speak to your own program advisor free!