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Depression & Hormones in Women

It is common for women to feel sadness, depression and be very emotional associated with menopause. We just do not react the same way we did before. Emotional symptoms cause frustration, stress and ultimately depression. We are all busy with family, friends, work, finances and loads of responsibilities and the last thing we need is the menopause complication of depression.

Hormone imbalance is associated with this menopause symptom. The imbalance of the hormones disables our bodies from experiencing those positive moods. Maybe this is one of the reasons we dread menopause because of all the negative stories of those that came before us.

Signs of Depression

1. Change in Appetite

2. Change in Sleep pattern

3. Diminished ability to Concentrate

4. Fatigue

5. Feelings of Worthlessness

6.  Indecisive or Overwhelmed

7. Irritability

8. Loss of Interest in things that used to be pleasures

9. Thoughts of Suicide


Beyond-Biology physicians do not consider depression a weakness but an experience that may have triggers associated with hormone imbalance. Find out if your depression may be associated with negative changes in your hormones today 888-908-0804.