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Foggy Memory

Why do I feel foggy now? Sometimes I walk into a room and forget what I wanted there…..

Of the many symptoms of hormone imbalance, forgetfulness is probably the most frustrating. Forgetting a name here and there is normal but when your memory loss affects everyday life it can be a more serious issue. Losing your train of thought, forgetting where your car is parked, how to do a routine task or even forgetting well-known phone number can all be signs of hormone depletion or hormone imbalance.

You are not losing your mind! You are however having malfunction of your hormones and neurotransmitters.

Beyond-Biology physicians can access your hormone status with complete blood testing, saliva testing or urine testing panels. We use bioidentical hormone therapy, exercise programs and customized clinical nutrition to combat your memory loss or foggy thinking, call now for more information. 1-888-908-0804