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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, unfortunately, is one of the most under-recognized epidemics in the USA and many other countries across the world.  Complicated by the fact that it known as “the great imitator” (of other diseases), lyme is frequently missed upon initial testings and by doctors who are not familiar enough with its plethora of possible presentations.  Thus many individuals may suffer for months or years before they realize they may indeed have lyme disease.

Conventional approaches have focused on primarily antibiotic treatment, but unfortunately for especially chronic cases, that is not enough to truly bring individuals back to health.  Moreover, antibiotics majorly disrupt the important gut flora, which serve as an important safeguard for the digestive system, immune system, and a natural part of the body’s detoxification system and deplete the body of key vitamins.  Lyme disease can damage and affect almost every system in the body, thus individuals need typically need considerable nutritional, supplement, and natural anti-microbial supports.  Moreover, lyme is a type of illness known as a ‘biotoxin illness’, which is an illness that produces toxins that can permeate any cell or system in the body, unfortunately damaging cells as it passes through them.  Thus addressing these toxic ‘by-products’ is a crucial part of treating and recovering from lyme disease in addition to addressing the plethora of other issues they face, from chronic pain, fatigue, and hormonal deficits, to treating the actual infection(s) they currently struggle with.  For all lyme patients, they must also test for ‘co-infections’ which can complicate the road to recovery, if left unaddressed.  Some of the most common co-infections include: babesia, mycoplasma, bartonella, and ehrlichosis.

Beyond Biology utilizes the most advanced testings to screen patients for current or past lyme and co-infections, the immune system status, heavy metals, biotoxin accumulation, mineral and vitamin depletion, and more to ensure that individualized patient care is provided for each, unique lyme case. Call us today at Beyond Biology and find out how we can help.