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Lyme Disease


Lyme disease is a complex multi-system inflammatory disease that causes the same symptoms as other clinical conditions. MY Lyme Immune I.D.™ is a powerful 3-pronged approach that provides the most accurate immune response assessment of B. burgdorferi.

Inflammatory Immune Response
Cytokines Antibodies
B. burgdorferi
Memory T cells

Humoral Immune Response Cellular Immune Response MY Lyme Immune I.D.™:

  • Identifies the antibody response to B. burgdorferi.
  • Examines the immune system’s memory to identify B. burgdorferi that is hiding in the body.
  • Identifies the presence of inflammation due to B. burgdorferi.

Your healthcare practitioner can use MY Lyme Immune I.D.™ to:

  • Identify the presence of B. burgdorferi even if the immune response is low or the bacteria are hiding.
  • Determine if symptoms of inflammation are due to B. burgdorferi.
  • Develop an appropriate therapeutic regimen.
  • Monitor the progress of your treatment.


Have you had recent exposure to tick-friendly environments: tall grasses, wooded areas, etc.? YES NO

Have you experienced a rash recently? YES NO

Are you experiencing recurrent fatigue or low energy? YES NO

Have you experienced joint pain or muscle aches recently? YES NO

Are you experiencing recurrent headaches or anxiety? YES NO

Have you been suffering from insomnia? YES NO

Have you received a negative test result for Lyme in the past? YES NO

Have you received a negative Lyme Antibody test result in the past? YES NO

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, share your answers with your Beyond-Biology healthcare practitioner and request MY Lyme Immune I.D.™ testing by Neuroscience.