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Mistletoe Therapy (Iscador)

Used as a first-line therapy for cancer treatment in many German and Swiss clinics for cancer, Mistletoe is scarcely known in North America.  Harvested from the parasitical mistletoe species that grows on various different trees (i.e. oak, apple, and pine), mistletoe is one of the best-researched and highly efficacious “CAM” treatments available by prescription today for cancer patients or others dealing with immuno-suppression.   Mistletoe can be combined concurrently with other conventional treatments or other holistic “CAM” cancer treatments.  Numerous studies note its ability to improve survival, length of life, quality of life, appetite, sleep, mood, the function of the immune system, better toleration of radio- and/or chemotherapy treatments, and reduction in cancer-related pain.   For a listing of many studies and additional research on mistletoe, please visit:    Thank you

Available in an injectable form, different Mistletoe preparations are used for different types of cancer in a very particular dosing regimen.   Only your doctor is qualified to determine which form may be right for you and your cancer, so call Beyond Biology today to discuss with your qualified Health Counsel on the possibility of incorporating Mistletoe into your treatment regimen.  888.908.0804 or 561.839.9420

A 2012 Documentation of published clinical studies with Iscador® can be accessed at the Hiscia Research Institute website.