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Neurotransmitter Testing and Balancing

For years now, to traditionally address all sorts of cognitive, psychological, mood, and other complaints, psychotropic medications have been the mainstay of what modern medicine has to offer.  While these medications can be life-saving and definitely have their place in the modern medicine arena, they have obvious shortcomings.  One major shortcoming is that traditional medications do NOT provide any actual nutrients or “building-block” materials for our body to actually restore neurochemical deficiencies or to calm “excessive” neurochemical activity by our Nervous system’s chemical messengers—Neurotransmitters.  They simply prolong the actions of the extant neurotransmitters in the synapse, by and large, and typical over time, have less and less effect (requiring higher and higher dosing for maintenance).    This approach has obvious drawbacks (not to mention the often considerable side effects associated) and thus in the last several decades, new approaches have been pioneered and now are becoming available for patient use to help address all sorts of issues—from menopausal symptoms to insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue or “burn-out”, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADHD/ADD, autism, “leaky-gut syndrome”, addictions and cravings, and much more.

Neurotransmitter testing has actually been validated in the clinical literature since 1950!  Numerous studies support its use as a relevant and accurate marker for Central Nervous system activity and function through urinary collections.  This testing now enables to take a “snapshot” to see what may, from a neurochemical standpoint, be contributing to your very troublesome issues that are eating away at your quality of life.  Moreover, personalized nutritional supplementation is now available to help truly replete and correct these imbalances and deficiencies, based on your individualized test results.  The new wave of medicine has truly arrived to look at things from a more “root-cause” perspective and this approach enables us to do just that: examine and subsequently correct our neurochemical imbalances for renewed balance, vitality, and wellbeing!  Call Beyond Biology to find out if this testing can help you! 888.908.0804.