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Probiotics for Immune, Brain and Digestive Health

Probiotics for Immune, Brain and Digestive Health

The human body has almost 100 trillion bacteria carried in its gut. That is at least 10 times the cells in your whole body! So there are a lot….now let me explain why they are so important. Research has shown that certain gut bacteria influence the immune system. About 50% of the body’s immune response comes from immune cells in the gut. Probiotics are the good bacteria that keep your gut healthy and happy; supporting digestion, immune functions and absorption of your nutrients.


Probiotics enhance the naturally occurring intestinal flora and maintain the balance of the microbiota. Studies on the gut flora have shown support of organs that seem far out of the influence of the gut, like the brain health. People should be actively seeking source of good bacteria to support many aspects of digestive, immune and brain support.


To Spore or Not to Spore

Common or popular probiotics are the non-spore formers, lactobacillus, bifidobacteria these common forms are found in common yogurt…..along with all the sugar or artificial sweeteners. Spore forming bacteria are the resilient ones. These are the tough guys or tough girls of the probiotic world. They can survive the high temperatures and the low acid of our digestive system. Bacillus Subtilus (DE111) is a normal spore former is a normal inhabitant of the gut that doesn’t need refrigeration, survives stomach acid, crowds out the unfriendly bacteria in the gut, supports normal immune reaction in the intestines, supports and maintains the gut barrier and supports the normal breakdown of your fats and complex carbs for supporting cholesterol and triglyceride numbers on your blood test results. Beyond Biology insists its patient’s support their body’s with good probiotics! Not the ones that get burned in the stomach acid.  Please call us if you need help with products and information that may help with these important decisions.