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Why is Purified, Highly Concentrated, Omega-3 Fish Oil Such a Great Addition to Everyone’s Diet?

There has been is much debate over the years about the true benefits of the Omega Oils.  The possible dangers of Omega-6 have led to increased recommendation for Omega-3 supplementation and dietary changes to improve the 3:6 ratio in your body.  Recent research suggests that Omega-6 may have detrimental effects on heart health and inflammation, and people are now being urged to be more careful with their omega 3: omega 6 ratio.  Adding more purified, highly concentrated Omega-3 fish oil to their daily supplement protocol will greatly benefit the majority of the population by decreasing chronic disease risk. Why this particular form is so advantageous? What do I look for? What health benefits can it provide?

It is so important that Omega-3 is highly concentrated and clean or molecularly distilled. Most health-care professionals will agree that the best form of fish oil supplement is one that is enriched with a high concentration of fatty acids (DHA/EPA) and has been molecularly distilled. There are two vital fatty acids in Omega-3 – DHA and EPA – and the higher the concentration the more beneficial the product will be, clinical studies have shown those taking omega-3 with the highest EA and DHA levels to have better triglyceride levels, higher HDL (good cholesterol) and the lowest levels of inflammation. The highest concentration of each component will therefore increase their overall health potential.

Molecular distillation is important for ensuring that oils are as pure as possible. In their natural state, these fish oils contain other molecules and components than just EPA and DHA; there is the chance of mercury, other metallic impurities, pollutants from the sea and saturated fats. We do not want to take omega-3 oils that are not distilled and end up causing damage by the toxins and impurities, therefore negating those positive health effects.  Distilling and purifying the oils means that these unwanted substances can be removed, the high-concentration omega-3 oils can remain and the produce becomes much safer for consumption. This safety is vital for many users but especially so for pregnant women.


For more info stay tuned for the many benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil in Part II of this article.


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