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Possible Side Effects of HRT

Studies hormones that have shown side effect have been associated with synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones are similar to human hormones but not exact in molecular structure. They are derived in a lab made of animal estrogens and maybe plant products. Women are given these hormones to help with the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings and low libido.

The problem comes in when the body tries to detoxify these hormones. They are not identical to our hormones so therefore recognized as a foreign toxin and our bodies have trouble breaking down the synthetic hormones chemical makeup.

We feel this is why there are side effects associated with the synthetic hormones.

Common effects associated with synthetic hormones according to WHI or the Women’s Health Initiative:

  1. Blood Clots
  2. Cancer (especially breast)
  3. Cardiovascular Disease
  4. High Blood Pressure

Bioidentical Hormones or Natural Hormones are different from their synthetic counterparts. They are identical or what we call bioidentical in molecular structure to the hormones that your body produces in its glands.  Here at Beyond-Biology the physicians support hormone imbalance with Bioidentical hormone replacement. They feel it is not only a safer but a more effective way to balance hormones because formulas can be made specifically for the needs of each client. We all have different requirement and needs, Call us today and we can go over your options or just answer any questions you may have. 1-888-908-0804