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Never have Americans ever been as sleep deprived as they are today.  In 1900, the typical American averaged 9 hours of sleep nightly ( ).  This number has plummeted to approximately 6.3 hours according to recent studies (Lauderdale et al, 2006).  Unfortunately, many studies suggest our bodies are really designed to do better typically with 7-9 hrs nightly, on average ( ).  Thus, the chronic shortage of 1-2.5 hrs/nightly for most people of sleeping leads to a host of potential problems including:

1)       Lowered Energy

2)       Impaired cognitive function due to drowsiness and lessened alertness

3)       Accelerated aging

4)       Greater risk of obesity, cancer, and many degenerative illnesses

5)       Suppressed immunity

6)       Greater risk of depression…    AND MANY OTHER ISSUES!


In a time where the choices for entertainment, employment, travel, and personal freedoms are at perhaps an all-time high, it is perhaps not a surprise that individuals literally are working and stimulating themselves into early decline and dysfunction.  That said, mindfulness is perhaps our greatest tool in turning this issue around—that is, being purposeful, methodical creators of our day-to- day schedules and learning to judiciously reserve precious time for adequate sleep and recovery.

But for many people, the problem goes deeper than that.  One may have good intentions indeed of getting good sleep and may strive to get to bed and get their 7-9 hrs a night.  What happens however when you can’t fall asleep or you continue to wake up at night and struggle with restless sleep quality?  There certainly are pharmaceutical options that may assist in this, but thankfully we have many other options both lifestyle-wise and supplement wise to support healthier sleep cycles and more restful , quality sleep.  We have the solution. Call us and let us help you today 888.908.0804 or 561.839.9420

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