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Teeth Whitening

Beyond Biology Home Whitening Kits serve two purposes. Not only are they are excellent for at-home teeth whitening, but they can also be used as a follow-up treatment after an in-office teeth whitening treatment. Almost 70% of teeth whitening treatments offered by dentists in the US are done with take-home kits Beyond Biology customers prefer our home whitening kit because they provide incredible results, are so easy to use, and are so affordable.

It is so easy to use. They come with custom trays with the EVA material for you like the 500 tretment from the dentist. You have to mold the mouth trays to your teeth (this is done only once). Then the you will apply a small amount of whitening gel to the tray and wear it for 30-60 minutes. The kit is used once a day for 7-14 days. Noticeable results may be seen after a day or two depending on the strength of the gel, and spectacular results after one week to 10 days. Remineralizing gel is included to replenish minerals lost during the whitening process and to prevent/eliminate tooth sensitivity in the few people that might develop it. You will not find a better product in the market.


  • Highly effective USA-made carbamide peroxide gel.
  • Mouth trays that mold to your teeth (or dentist can make custom trays from EVA material that can be substituted for the trays)
  • Remineralization gel included to eliminate tooth sensitivity and protect enamel
  • Stylish blue carry case.


  • 1 set of upper and lower thermoform trays (or EVA Flexible Tray Material to for dentists to make custom trays)
  • 10mL syringe of bleaching gel (22%-36% carbamide peroxide recommended). 1 Remineralizing gel (3mL)
  • 1 mouth tray storage case to keep mouth trays clean
  • 1 Mini-blue LED light
  • Stylish blue carry-case

Made in USA

FDA Registered

All gels are dental-grade and are made in the USA

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