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Why do Women Have Low Sex Drive?

It begins in perimenopause; you race to bed and try to be the first one asleep or you wait until you husband is asleep to get into bed at night. The imbalance of sexual hormones beginning at this time is the main reason for the decline in sexual drive or libido in women. Sometimes this issue can cause rifts in relationships that can be hard to repair. We are not to blame!

Decreasing levels of Progesterone and Testosterone in perimenopause cause an hormone imbalance and cause vaginal dryness (discomfort during intercourse), decrease clitoral sensitivity, increased mood swings, weight gain and fatigue. Testosterone heightens sexual response and orgasms for women….pretty important for libido.

As we head into menopause all three may be dropping in unison. 30-40 percent of menopausal women complain of low libido it is the most common complaint. You are NOT ALONE!  Bioidentical Hormone Therapy can not only repair the hormone imbalance in your body but maybe the imbalance in your life. Call us now at and get your SEXY back 1-888-908-0804