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Urinary Hormone Panel (24 hour)

This urine testing panel has an incredible amount of hormone information including important ratios like the 2/16 hydroxyestrone ratio. It is ideal to use in combination with blood tests of hormones. It is great tool to use for more complex hormone issues since it captures more hormones and metabolites than most blood tests.

The 24-hour Urinary Hormone Panel includes:

Creatinine — evaluates kidney  function


  • Estrone
  • Estradiol
  • Estriol
  • 2-Hydroxyestrone
  • 16a-Hydroxyestrone
  • 2/16α Ratio
  • 4-Hydroxyestrone†
  • 2-Methoxyestrone†
  • 2-Methoxyestradiol†



  • DHEA
  • Testosterone
  • Androsterone
  • Etiocholanolone
  • 5a-Androstanediol
  • 5ß-Androstanediol

Glucocorticoids—evaluates stress hormones and hormones related to sugar metabolism

  • Pregnanetriol
  • Cortisone
  • Cortisol
  • Tetrahydrocortisone
  • Allo-tetrahydrocortisol
  • Tetrahydrocortisol
  • 11ß-Hyroxyandrosterone
  • 11ß-Hyroxyetiocholanolone

Mineralocorticoids — evaluates hormones related to fluid balance and blood pressure control

  • Allo-Tetrahydrocorticosterone
  • Tetrahydrocortosterone
  • 11-Dehydrotetrahydrocorticosterone

Beyond-Biology physicians can use the findings in this panel to recommend customized treatment and preventive measures that may include diet and lifestyle changes, hormones, botanicals and vitamins. Call today and discuss your personal options. 888-908-0804

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