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Quality Products

Beyond Biology Products are Science Based Products Backed by Rigorous Research
Beyond Biology’s excitement evolves from knowing that we are helping develop the best supplement line in the world. Our team leaders Dr Gail Wasserman and Dr Stacey Nottingham are so passionate about what products can be called Biology Biology. We are a team of scientific people who are experts in clinical nutrition, passionate about the best ingredients found in nature and committed to finding the most pure and effective combinations that can be backed by extensive research. Beyond Biology LLC has been referred to as one of highest quality sources of natural medicines and nutritional supplements in the world. We constantly strive to bring you the highest quality formulas and supplements and support you, your store or your office with education to your staff and customers.

What makes us different from the others is the way our products are manufactured. We obsess about everything from raw material evaluation, supplier selection, laboratory analysis, and manufacturing standards to comply with the FDA’s verified good manufacturing practices (GMP).

With so many brands in the marketplace, we understand how difficult it is to accept a line of dietary supplements. We offer science based formulas created by healthcare professionals designed with our customer’s health in mind. Our elements of quality truly define the morals and standards that we live by.

Scientific Lab Analysis

  • HPLC Tested Potency
  • Full Spectrum ID testing
  • Tablet Disintegration Testing
  • Every Product Quality Control Tested
  • Industry Leading Analytical Methods

Tru-Label Program

  • Random Independent Testing
  • Honest and Accurate Label Claims

Demanding Product Specs

  • Complete Set of Specifications for Each Ingredient
  • History of Every Bottle Produced
  • Science Based Formulations

State of the Art Packaging

  • Shatter Resistance PET Bottles
  • Ageless Protection for Extended Shelf Life
  • Recyclable Materials

Micro Testing

  • Scientific Germ Control
  • State of the Art Micro Lab
  • Thorough Analysis Confirms the Safety of Natural and Organic Products


  • FDA Inspected
  • Clean, Modern, Controlled Production Facility

Independent Testing

  • Consumer Lab Testing
  • Unannounced Vendor Inspections
  • 3rd Party Product Testing

Raw Materials

  • Naturals Ingredients
  • Pure, Fresh, Raw Materials Always

Safety and Tamper Evident

  • Tamper Evident Seals
  • Safety Seal and Foil Protection for Your Peace of Mind