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Introducing the Beyond Biology System for Healthy Skin!

The Beyond Biology Micronized Collagen Serum is a collagen cell activator that renews the skin and supports the skin cell cycle. When used together with our Beyond Biology Collagen Booster Nano K Peptide Cream the pair is a hard bargain to compete with in today’s skin care market.

As we grow older and our skin cells have shorter life spans, the process of generating brand new skin cells decelerates as our cells cease to replicate. Skin starts to become thinner and cuts and abrasions may start to take longer to heal. Even bruises can become more prominent as the skin loses its elasticity during aging. Wrinkles then start to appear and may become deeper and deeper as time goes on. The process of aging is inevitable, but there is hope and we can do something to help alleviate or delay it for as long as possible.

Many of you already using the Micronized Collagen Skin Serum know that it contains high concentrations of active ingredients like Matrixyl® to support collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid synthesis.  

This silky liquid is easily absorbed into the skin allowing for immediate delivery of the active ingredients deep below the epidermis surface. Serums however, are not intended to provide enough hydration when it is used alone.

This is why the Doctors from Beyond Biology have been recommending the one-two punch approach from both the Micronized Collagen Skin Serum and the Rejuvenating Collagen Booster Nano K Peptide Cream as an essential part of your daily skin care regimen. The results in our Beyond Biology users of this DYNAMIC DUO have been phenomenal. The concentrated restorative effects of the serum coupled with the moisturizing and rejuvenating properties of the peptides have been key to reducing wrinkles and having healthier, younger, and brilliant looking skin.


Why Peptides?

Applying the Nano k Peptides directly to the skin is a way to trick your skin into thinking it has lost collagen and needs to create more of its own. These mini proteins are highly active molecules so you pay a high price to have them in your average wrinkle prevention products. But the question is do they actually work?

Peptides are defined as chains of amino acids, which we know are the building blocks of protein, which are essential to life. They act as messengers in the skin allowing the skin layers of epidermis and dermis to communicate more efficiently. These specific signals affect the skin’s response; the peptides can actually program the cells and tell them what to do! Our skin will not function without them!


Make this amazing DYNAMIC DUO even better by adding a third punch of Internal Skin Care, Beyond Biology Phytoceramides!


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