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What are Probiotics?

You may have already started to see TV commercials or magazine advertisements for something called a Probiotic. The commercial may have been speaking about constipation, possibly bloating, or maybe advertising your favorite yogurt.

The body needs to stay in a state of beautiful balance also known as homeostasis. Our many bodily systems certainly work best when they all reach this type of balance. Unfortunately, your body can be brought into a state of chaos very easily. In particular, our gut health or stomach is at risk for bacterial imbalance. Diet, environment, medication or illness can cause an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the body. Some medication such as an antibiotic may wipe out the healthy and friendly bacteria needed for our body to flourish.  A decrease in good bacteria and dominance of poor can lead concerns such as diarrhea, urinary tract infections, gas, and fatigue.

The healthy strains found in probiotics look to restore gut integrity and bring us back to a beautiful balance. The gut makes up well over half of our immune system, close to 60-70%! Taking probiotics and providing friendly bacteria to our tummy is an easy way to support healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and your immune system.

So who really benefits from a Probiotic?

A large majority of the population may benefit from supplementing with a probiotic. How often, what time of day, medications and health goals may change from one person to the next. Check with your healthcare team about the suggested dose that is right for you. Possibly a probiotic will help you go beyond your biology for years to come.


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