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Are Your Sleeping Patterns Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Sleeping is becoming the topic of research studies in many areas of medicine. Our health has more to do with sleep than we ever imagined. If you are not sleeping well you could be causing a multitude of problems without even knowing it.

When you don’t get a full nights rest or you have disrupted sleep patterns you put yourself at increased risk for cravings, over eating and poor blood glucose control. Poor sleep health is the perfect storm for weight gain! Those serious cravings for bread, pasta, cereals and sweets could be your cells asking for quick energy. After giving into your relentless cravings for carbohydrates your blood sugar levels spike up fast. In an effort to provide energy to the body we now have caused blood sugar concerns. When this process starts to happen regularly it can cause rapid weight gain and belly fat.

The first step is finding out the root of your sleep concern. Before trying anything else, start with blood testing for hormone imbalance as well as a detailed sleep study. You may be tempted to go straight towards a sleep aid, herb or nutrient. One of those suggestions just might be appropriate for you. However, it is always best to find out the underlying cause of your problem. A prescription may help for a while, but if you have a sleep disorder or an undiagnosed hormone imbalance your sleep problem will come back and will likely cause other health issues along the way.

The take home message: don’t accept fatigue, cravings and weight gain! This should not be an acceptable feature of the aging process. At Beyond Biology we are committed to helping you reach your full potential. Your sugar cravings, and sleep health are just as important as your bone health.  In order to achieve the healthiest version of you, start taking a closer look into the full scope of your everyday life. Beyond the surface, and Beyond Biology.


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  1. Hanna says:

    No one ever talks about sleep. Thank you for the post.

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