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How to speed up your metabolic rate….and quickly please!

It has happened to almost all of us. You just hit a weight loss road block and you would like your fast metabolism back….and stat! Hold on…..did I ever have a fast metabolism?

One of the many concerns as we age is that almost everything in our body system starts to slow down! You might begin to wonder. If everything is moving so slowly around here, how can I grow my waistline at such an exponential speed?

Great question! There are several factors involved in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. However, if you’re interested in the art of weight control you need to learn how to master your metabolism and keep it moving! Get started by working on a few steps and start to increase your metabolism now.

1)     Your mom was right when she told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I am sorry to report the same boring news but we need to start implementing breakfast. No excuses. If you are not a morning person I understand. Try starting with Greek yogurt and a few almonds or walnuts topped with a small handful of high fiber cereal. Breakfast, literally breaks your overnight fast and it is your first chance to get your fat burning metabolism moving.

2)     Please do not go long periods of time without eating, try not to go longer than 3-4 hours. This forces your body to keep working, burning energy and keeps hunger under control.

3)     Work on your muscle health. Muscle drives your body to burn more calories. Make an effort to start with a small amount of resistance training (light weights/resistance bands). Start fueling your body with high quality whey protein powder after your workouts or in between meals. Check your hormone status (sex hormones and thyroid hormones). This can be done with a simple blood test. A healthy muscle to fat ratio is almost impossible to achieve if our hormones are not balanced.

Mastering your metabolic rate, burning calories well, and staying lean will help you control your weight long term. After implementing these steps you may consider adding nutrients to support your fat burning ability. That can be a post for another day!

Together we will reach your personal weight loss goals at Beyond Biology.



  1. Donna says:

    Our breakfast usually consists of free range eggs. I like the Paleo diet, and any veggies and fruits are always raw. We stay way from any cereal (risk of grains and gluten).

    I like talking Amino Acids. The amino acids are a must when it comes to strength training.

  2. Trevor W. says:

    Attempt to remove milk or any milk products from your diet and look for any effect that translates into your weight. There are cases where some have a slight lactose intolerance or milk allergy and do not know it. This causes bloating and weight gain without the owner noticing the cause.

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