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Four tips to keep moving your health in a positive direction!

Nutrition information is everywhere. You know what I mean, your mom, Aunt Sue, co-worker and your neighbor all have nutrition degrees! Who knew? What can be the most confusing is the additional information from TV, magazines and the web. How do you know where to turn for strong information and support?

Remember a few things when looking to optimize your health and nutrition:

1)       First breathe! Don’t get too overwhelmed by the ever changing world of nutrition and health. It will likely always be an imperfect science. Expect to read conflicting reports, and be ready to reach out to an expert. A Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Physician, Nurse, or Chiropractor can be outstanding resources.

2)       You may consider speaking with a Registered Dietitian (RD). An RD is different from a nutritionist. If you are seeing an RD you know they have a specialized degree in science and they have completed advanced dietetic course work. Every RD has also completed nationally accredited medical dietetic rotations.

3)       Have your health evaluated and be sure to understand your own blood work. Your health provider should take the time to review your blood work. You may benefit from additional nutrition support, or need further testing. Comprehensive blood work is the first step to personalizing your health. Even if it’s once a year!

4)       You OWN your health, and you get to decide where to turn for advice. It is important you have a complete health team of well rounded professionals. The providers you work with should cater to your healthcare needs. Ask for suggestions that you can start following to bring you closer to your ideal health. Phone appointments can make a world of difference; try to set time to speak with a health care professional.

At Beyond Biology we are committed to our patients’ health and well being and you can always reach out to us to develop a personalized health plan for you.

The only person fighting your biology and aging process is YOU, set goals and use your healthcare team to help you reach them!


We would love to hear from you……

How do you take control of your own health? Do you have special tools, like a food journal or supplements?

What area of your health do you focus on most?


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