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Under-active Thyroid Part 2

Why Is Natural Thyroid Hormone A Better Treatment Than Synthetic Thyroid Hormones?


Synthetic thyroid replacement hormones are the second most prescribed medications in the country. The largest manufacturer of these synthetic hormones is called Synthroid. While it has been effective at regulating thyroid hormones, it has been shown repeatedly to be unstable, because it only contains the thyroid hormone T4. For people who are experiencing an under-active thyroid due to a lower amount of T4 circulating, this will work fine. Most people who have hypothyroidism, however, suffer from deficiencies in both T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. What this means is that only one of the hormones of an under-active thyroid will be addressed, but not both. If you cannot efficiently convert the T4 to T3 in your body you will still come up lacking. Many people who take Synthroid or some other form of synthetic thyroid hormones will still experience depression, weight gain, and fatigue. They have too much or the right amount of T4 but never experience the correct amount of T3. Natural thyroid replacement therapy (Armour, Nature-throid, or Westhroid) however, includes both T4 and T3. This means that patients who take natural thyroid hormones get more complete relief from symptoms associated with their under-active thyroid hormones, and feel a great deal better within a matter of just a few days. Even better, natural thyroid hormone replacements have shown to be far more stable. This means that every time you take your thyroid replacement hormone medication, you are getting the same quality and same amount of desiccated thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, with Synthroid, you may never be sure if you are getting a larger dose or a smaller dose with each dose you take.


Where Does Natural Thyroid Hormone Come From?


Natural thyroid hormones come from the thyroid of pigs or cows. Porcine thyroid is most commonly used in this type of hormone replacement therapy, as it is the same chemical makeup, molecule for molecule, as human thyroid hormones T3 and T4. It is pure thyroid hormone, and is completely sterile and completely safe for treating thyroid hormone deficiencies. While Synthroid is similar to human T4, it is only one of the important hormones of the thyroid, and it does not treat all the symptoms associated with an under-active thyroid gland. Natural porcine thyroid hormones are a far superior treatment for low thyroid hormone levels according to the patients that take them.


If you have ever had any type of thyroid issues, you have most likely noticed feeling not quite right. At first it may be difficult to pinpoint what is exactly wrong. Often, people suffering from under-active thyroid glands have simply been written off as suffering from depression, especially aging people or seniors. While the patient may experience symptoms of depression, these are symptoms and not the root of the problem. Once a blood test is done to check TSH levels, T4 free and T3 free levels, patients are often surprised to find out their weight gain, fatigue, and depression are related to a thyroid hormone deficiency, and not a psychological disorder. They do not have a Prozac deficiency just a thyroid hormone imbalance. While many doctors are quick to begin treatment with synthetic thyroid hormones, new, smarter, more progressive doctors and patients have seen the benefits of using natural hormone replacement therapies based on blood test analysis to help combat all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.



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