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West African Mango (Irvingia)

How to Lose Over 12 Pounds in 28 Days….
African Mango has long been a staple of the Cameroon rain-forest tribes diet. It was the remarkable health and lean physiques of these people that brought the African Mango to the attention of the scientific community. The results of the studies performed on the extract showed that it was one of the most effective ways to rapidly induce weight loss. African Mango received even wider attention when its fat loss benefits were reported on the highly regarded Dr Oz television show. We will explain how African Mango works and why it is so effective for weight loss.

When we eat a meal at some point the body produces the hormone Leptin. Leptin tells that brain that we have had enough to eat and that we are full. Unfortunately when we consistently over eat the body is flooded with Leptin and becomes resistant. C-reactive protein binds to the Leptin hormone and stop it from performing its role in appetite suppression. Leptin resistance is a real issue.

Leptin no longer performs the important function of telling the brain that we are sated and should stop eating. This is why it is so difficult for people who are overweight or obese to lose weight. They no longer experience the feeling of being sated and so will invariably eat more food than their body needs for its daily functions.

African Mango is the only known supplement which actually breaks down the C-reactive protein. Once the amount of C-Reactive protein in the body is normalized then Leptin can resume its role in appetite suppression. People who have normal Leptin levels stop overeating simply because they feel full after eating a normal amount of food.

The weight loss benefits of taking African Mango are well supported by numerous clinical studies. In a 2009 study presented in the Lipids in Health and Disease Journal it was shown that participants who took the African Mango extract twice a day over a period of 10 weeks were able to lose 6% of their body fat. In another study conducted by scientists at the University of Yaoude  looked at both men and women and the participants lost an average of 12.3 pounds and reduced their waist measurements by 2 inches in a 28 day period. Sounds like a strong benefit without side effects.

If you are either experiencing some extra pounds or you are obese it is important to understand that your body is experiencing a hormonal imbalance. By supporting your body’s natural appetite suppression process you can quickly start to lose weight. African Mango is the only verified supplement that helps to restore this natural hormonal balance and allows you to feel sated once again. Get your control back today! Ask us we will help 888-908-0804!

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